Rabbi Dan is known for making Jewish wisdom accessible,
non-dogmatic and relevant to daily life.

Check out his recent ELI Talk (think Jewish Ted Talk)
to get a sense of his style:


“There are few people you interact in this world who are level headed and compassionate in a way that is genuine and consistent. Although this learning retreat spanned one weekend, I feel confident that this compassion, generosity and authenticity are consistent to Rabbi Dan's personality. Really impressed, and truly inspired -- at the end of the weekend, I was able to engage with a very difficult participant and come from a place of love and understanding, because of the words Rabbi Dan offered to me.”
- Billie H., Brooklyn NY

“I felt totally comfortable asking Rabbi Dan my questions, and satisfied with the way he answered -- giving both knowledge and also the possibility for further exploration or thought... Also, Rabbi Dan is a great singer and dancer, and totally broke through any awkwardness we all felt about singing and dancing during Shabbat by just feeling the spirit and letting loose!”
- Samantha K., Oakland CA

“Rabbi Dan - wow! What a superb educator. Calm but fun; extremely captivating and very inspiring.”
- Brett L., London UK

“Rabbi Dan is ever-present but great at letting others take the lead. This is one of the most admirable qualities a leader can have. He is charming and encouraging, playful but also very wise and learned.”
- Lara W., Berkeley CA