Rabbi Dan is known for making Jewish wisdom accessible,
non-dogmatic and relevant to daily life.

“There are few people you interact in this world who are level headed and compassionate in a way that is genuine and consistent. Although this learning retreat spanned one weekend, I feel confident that this compassion, generosity and authenticity are consistent to Rabbi Dan's personality. Really impressed, and truly inspired -- at the end of the weekend, I was able to engage with a very difficult participant and come from a place of love and understanding, because of the words Rabbi Dan offered to me.”
- Billie H., Brooklyn NY
“I felt totally comfortable asking Rabbi Dan my questions, and satisfied with the way he answered -- giving both knowledge and also the possibility for further exploration or thought...  Also, Rabbi Dan is a great singer and dancer, and totally broke through any awkwardness we all felt about singing and dancing during Shabbat by just feeling the spirit and letting loose!” 
- Samantha K., Oakland CA
“Rabbi Dan - wow! What a superb educator. Calm but fun; extremely captivating and very inspiring.”
- Brett L., London UK
“Rabbi Dan is ever-present but great at letting others take the lead. This is one of the most admirable qualities a leader can have. He is charming and encouraging, playful but also very wise and learned.”
- Lara W., Berkeley CA

Below is a sampling of learning sessions designed and taught by Rabbi Dan in Moishe Houses and at Moishe House Learning Retreats around the world, at campus Hillels, in Metro Detroit for The Well and in other educational settings.

  • Kohelet and Me
  • Communication Techniques Through a J Lens
  • Jews and Tattoos
  • Taboo Torah Topics
  • Let's Talk About Sex
  • Is Zionist a Dirty Word?
  • Jews and Booze
  • Adam, Eve and Steve?
  • How Do We Welcome People?
  • GPS to the Siddur
  • How to Prepare and Give a Dvar Torah
  • Did the Exodus Really Happen?
  • It's All About Questions
  • Hebrew School Dropout
  • What's The Deal With Jewish Symbols?
  • What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?
  • Pluralism and Ritual


Drop a note if you'd like to explore a particular topic (whether one of the above or others) in your community!